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The Real Estate Broads of New York

Jan 19, 2023

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions. Some people are very decisive. Black and white. I love it. I hate it. They know what they want.  Others, well, can’t decide if their life depended on it. Well, what if their housing depended on it? Anyone who has decided to make a move will be faced with many decisions, and they start before you even open a door, so today we wanted to discuss how we help buyers with decisions and give you some tips on weighing options and how to think to hopefully save you time and help you with the big decision of moving.

Knowing your motivation for buying or selling is critical in moving forward. Sharon and I had worked with buyers and sellers who found it hard to pull the trigger either when they received an offer or when we found the perfect home. It typically comes down to not being clear on why you’re making a move in the first place. Understanding why you’re moving makes it easier to pull the trigger once you arrive at the decision point.

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