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The Real Estate Broads of New York

Jun 9, 2022

Deals can be tricky, they can be frustrating but every now and then they can be incredibly easy, friendly, and fun. However, sometimes they can be a little bit too friendly for our taste. If you are a buyer or a seller one of the reasons you have a real estate broker is so that they can do all the talking for you to the person representing the other side. However, sometimes buyers and sellers start speaking with each other before the closing and it can jeopardize the deal. So today we are talking about why you should not communicate with the other side before you close.

When buying and selling it’s a business transaction and while we want you to communicate with whoever is your broker and whoever is your attorney communicating with the actual person who is on the other side of the deal isn’t a great idea. It can cost you the deal or money. There are reasons to keep that wall up and today we are going through some possible scenarios.

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