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The Real Estate Broads of New York

Jan 13, 2022

There is a secret that every owner in NYC knows or at least they should know and it’s that owners do not control the buildings. So if it’s not the owners then who could it be…Supers! Supers are one of the most important people in the building in terms of keeping the building running smoothly and either getting one of their staff to fix something in your apartment or in smaller buildings doing it themselves. Today we are talking about supers in buildings, how to start off on a good foot with them, and how to maintain a relationship so that while you live in your building you get the service that you deserve.

You can’t live without them, you really can’t. The super is the first chain of command when it comes to running the building so you always want to stay on their good side and tip accordingly. Want that toilet unclogged or your renovation to go smoothly, you need to keep the relationship friendly. They know your apartment inside and out so don’t hesitate to lean on them in times of need. It is often said that the super will quickly become another family member who actually knows how to fix stuff! 

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