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The Real Estate Broads of New York

Jul 8, 2021

You have found the home of your dreams. Think high beamed ceilings, stunning views and it’s flooded with sunlight. However, there’s carpet everywhere and mirrored walls in every corner. Also the red walls in the bedroom have to go. It looks like if you’re going to enjoy living in your dream home you’re going to have to renovate but there are quite a few things to consider. Today we are talking about what you will need to know before you start renovating, the process for approval and what constitutes a major vs a minor renovation.

When you’re looking to buy you want to think about if you want to renovate or not. It can be very costly and there are sometimes time restrictions on how long as per the building’s rules. You need a plan. When the renovations are extensive you need an alteration agreement, you might need an architect and a licensed contractor.  If it’s just light painting, etc. then you will typically need a decorators agreement. Regardless of the renovation, will you continue to live in the home or will you need to live somewhere else. It’s also great to get to know your super and make sure they have a good relationship with your super so that they can work together during the renovation.

Have a plan before you start. Use a licensed contractor who knows what they are doing and file everything with the DOB. Make sure you are allowed to do the renovations before you start. If you have a budget, try to stick with it. Expect the unexpected and understand the timeline and realize it might cost a little more or take a little more time than you think.

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