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The Real Estate Broads of New York

Apr 14, 2022

You own a gorgeous loft downtown in NYC and decide it’s time to cash out. You have put everything into this property and figure this will be your big payday when selling. Now it’s time to pick a broker. There’s a broker who has been selling in the neighborhood for years who seems to get very high prices and then there is your good friend who works at a top firm so you ask yourself the age-old question…should I get my good friend who is also a broker to sell my apartment? Will this change our relationship and will it cause trouble?

Choosing a broker is one of the top two things you decide, the other is price, when thinking about listing your home. This could be your biggest asset and you want the most capable person to handle your sale. It’s not a popularity contest but a business transaction. There are pros and cons to hiring someone you personally know and it’s important to discuss with your broker friend why or why not you are hiring them. A property will sell and you want to raise a glass with your friend in the end.

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