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The Real Estate Broads of New York

Jul 1, 2021

Today we are discussing the walk-through. What it is and what to look out for. So it’s the day of or the day before your closing, you’ve been approved and you’re ready to own that home but we still have the walk-through. It’s the last chance to look at the property and make sure everything is in working order before you empty out your bank account and own that home.

The walkthrough is when you check that everything, appliances, drains, electrical outlets, etc, are in working order. If something isn't working you can always have money held in escrow until it's fixed or you can get a credit. There is a benefit to putting money in escrow as then you can still close on the property. Worst case scenario, the closing is postponed until everything is fixed.

Do the walk-through either the night before or the morning of the closing. Once you close, you have no recourse, so this is your last chance to make sure everything is right. 

Walk-Through Checklist

  1. Check all outlets 
  2. Check HVAC units and/or Central AC 


  1. Check all light fixtures to make sure they are working and fans 
  2. Check lights under or over kitchen cabinets 
  3. Check light in the microwave 
  4. Check lights in closets 


  1. Check areas that were previously concealed by rugs and furniture; look at the overall condition


  1. Make sure all open and close properly
  2. If move-out occurred, make sure no damage was done to doors or door jams


  1. Make sure all open and close properly and none of the seals are broken


  1. Flush the toilet and make sure it doesn’t run 
  2. Run water in the sink on hot and cold and check for leaks under the sink
  3. Make sure shower/tub works and any other accessories


  1. Run water in the sink for hot and cold and make sure it doesn’t leak under the sink
  2. Check all appliances - run the dishwasher, make sure refrigerator, freezer and ice maker work
  3. Check burners on the stove 
  4. Check oven and make sure both bake and broil work
  5. Check microwave - run it and make sure light works if applicable
  6. Washer/dryer - run the washer and check for leaks and make sure the dryer gets hot


  1. Fire alarm - there should be both fire/carbon monoxide alarms in the apartment and test to make sure they work- there should be one in each bedroom and one in each hallway
  2. Look up at the ceiling for any leaks

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