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The Real Estate Broads of New York

Jun 24, 2021

Your space is too small and you need more room. Maybe you decide you’re ready to downsize or there’s a great job opportunity across the world. These are all good reasons to move. So it’s time to sell your home but you’re not sure how to pick the person you’re going to work with. Choosing an agent to sell your property is an important decision and there are questions you should ask and things to consider before picking an agent to sell your home because if you make the wrong choice it could be an awful experience and worst-case scenario your home doesn’t sell and you could lose out on money, time and your sanity. So today we are talking about how to choose an agent, what to look out for, and how to find the right person to get the job done.

When you’re choosing an agent there are so many things to consider. They should first and foremost relieve you of the stress of selling the property as it can be very stressful. You sign a legal contract with this person so make sure you get the right person who understands what you want to accomplish. 

Communication is key with your broker and makes sure you have someone who listens to your needs and tries to accomplish your goals together. You want them to market and price it correctly and make sure they are with you every step of the way during the process. Expectations should be managed properly on both sides of this important relationship.

There needs to be trust between you and your broker so that as things happen along the way you can feel comfortable with listening to them and know what is going on with your property. You also will want the agent who is working with you to sell your property to keep you updated on what is going on in the building and the neighborhood once your property is put on the market and during the process until you are in-contract.

Asking for references or being able to speak to past customers that an agent has worked with can help you find out if you want to work with this person or not.

Experience and knowledge are very important. Pricing is something that everyone should be aligned on regarding the number and the strategy. Make sure you feel your agent listens and that you feel heard. Lastly, trust is everything, and if you have that all the above will work beautifully.

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