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The Real Estate Broads of New York

Jun 10, 2021

Is your space getting a bit cramped? Are you expecting a new baby? Have all the kids moved out and you find yourself with too much space? Are you permanently working from home and you realize you want a proper office? These are all great reasons to decide to sell your home. Today we are talking about when to list your home, what to think about before you list and why preparation is key to hitting the market and reaching your goals.

Deciding on when to list it can have a real impact on the outcome of the sale and for some properties, it might be better to wait while with others you will want to put them on the market right away.

A few things to consider: know where you are going once you do sell, look at current market data including sales and properties in contract to get an idea of pricing, and then depending on your objectives you will figure out if you are ready to list or not. 

You can't time the market but there can be better times to list certain properties in certain neighborhoods so it can be something to consider. Waiting isn't the worst idea depending on why you're waiting and it can give you time to prepare the property as well.

If there is an inventory shortage that is typically the best time to sell. You want to sell with the "momentum."

The property if it's priced right, put on the market at the right time in the best possible condition that's how you can achieve top dollars.

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